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Our Limestone Quarry

Limestone - Strong Demand, Fast Growth

Alternative Materials, LLC(AM) owns and operates a Wyoming limited liability company that manufactures and distributes ground limestone(aka calcium carbonate) with a focus on agricultural markets, specifically agricultural lime and chicken feed.

AM owns a limestone quarry in Arkansas and Florida which contains approximately 1.22 billion tons of of calcium carbonate reserves.

The limestone at this quarry is considered some of the highest quality calcium carbonate available. It is comprised of 99.15-99.75% calcium carbonate and contains no contaminates. The product meets or exceeds all human and agricultural purity requirements including Prop 65 compliant (safe levels cancer-causing lead & arsenic).

Our end buyers are farmers in the Southeast and chicken producers in GA, AL, and AR.

AM management has over 40 years of experience in natural resource management, mining and limestone processing.