Our Cement Kiln Dust Facility

Our Cement Kiln Dust Facility

CKD Products

Alternative Materials owns and operates a cement kiln dust facility in Forth Worth, TX.

Cement Kiln Dust(CKD) uses a significant by-product material of the cement manufacturing process. Over the last decade, dramatic advances have been achieved in the management and use of cement kiln dust, thus reducing its dependency on landfill disposal. From 1990 to 2006, the U.S. cement industry reduced by 47% the amount of CKD in landfill.

The majority of CKD is recycled back into the cement kiln as raw feed. In addition, new technologies have allowed the use of previously landfilled CKD to be used as raw feedstock. Recycling this byproduct back into the kiln not only reduces the amount of CKD to be managed outside the kiln, it also reduces the need for limestone and other raw materials, which saves natural resources and helps conserve energy.

The value of CKD is not limited to its use as a raw material for return to a cement kiln. There are many other beneficial uses of CKD including base stabilizer for pavements, solidifier and stabilizer for contaminated wastes, agricultural soil enchancement, low-strength backfill material and municpal daily landfill cover.